ABP, Inc HealthCare Certification Review

ABP School Application Form Instructions

  1. Complete the ABP School Application form
  2. On separate paper, write ot type a brief account of the following:
    1. Your activities now or since you last attended school.
    2. The things you have accomplished that have given you the most satisfaction.
    3. What are your perceptions of the duties of a Phlebotomist or ECG Technician.
    4. Why you think you would make a good Phlebotomist or ECG Technician.
  3. Mail your application and personal statement (Item #2) to:

ABP, Inc.
PO Box 127
Granger, IN 46530

If you have any questions, please call 574-277-0691 or email info@abpincorp.com

  1. Contact the last high school you have attended and any colleges, etc. you have attended and request that an official transcript of your grades be sent directly to the above address or produce a copy of high school diploma or GED equivalent.
  2. After receipt of your completed application and transcripts, you will be contacted to schedule a personal interview.


Academic Requirements for Phlebotomist and ECG Technician

High school diploma or GED equivalent and complete a basic skills exam to assess English, math and reading.

Personal Qualifications (non-academic)

Students in the training school will meet the personal qualifications indicated  below. There are minimum performance qualifications for all students who become enrolled in the school. It is recognized that optimum performance may require additional qualifications. These qualifications are based on the requirements for professionals working in the healthcare institutions.


Must project an image of neatness and professionalism at all times. Must be willing to adhere to established codes of moderation for dress and appearance. No visible body piercing, other than ears, during the clinical experience.

Communication Skills

Must be able to communicate effectively in written and spoke English. Must be able to comprehend and respond to both formal and colloquial English both directly and by telephone.


Must be able to move readily from one location to another in such physical settings as the clinical laboratory, patient rooms, emergency center, elevators, X-ray department and stairways.

Physical Requirements

Must have ordinary ability to lift and move objects. Must have fine muscle coordination to allow delicate manipulations of specimens and instruments. Must have unimpaired sense of touch and temperature discrimination.


Must have ability to distinguish major colors. Visual acuity must be sufficiently corrected to allow rapid reading of laboratory procedures, test requests, instrument dials. Must be able to tolerate conditions of moderate visual strain, e.g., prolonged reading

General Personality Features

Must have emotional stability and ability to maintain composure in response to emotional provocations. Must be able to relate to a wide variety of persons representing a broad physical, psychological and socioeconomic spectrum.

Medical Requirements for Phlebotomy Technician only:

In addition to these personal qualifications, each person admitted to the Phlebotomy Technician school must show laboratory proof and/or immunization data as required on the Student Health Form

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